Our Palm Coast Property Management System

Virtual Homes Realty is a leader in providing Palm Coast property management.  We use the latest property management software, Rent Manager®,  to provide our clients with a variety of benefits.  Rent Manager® is a Residential and Commercial Property Management Software solution.  The software includes a completely integrated accounting system that offers General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, and drill-down financial reports that integrate seamlessly with a powerful property management software system.

With Rent Manager®, and a well-honed property management process, we can:

  • Stay on top of the status of each lease.  We easily track lease expirations, status of move-ins and move-outs, delinquencies, escalations and vacancies. We're always working hard to retain tenants and to avoid ending up with an empty property.
  • Manage tentants.  There is nothing worse than ending up with a bad tenant, so we can track information on pending, current, past, evicted and inactive tenants.
  • Stay up-to-date with maintenance costs.  It's always important to know where money is going for maintenance, and whether the maintenance is being handled effectively.  Our maintenance system produces an accurate record of cash flows, budgets, expense caps, maintenance requests, print work orders, track the status of open work orders and keep a permanent maintenance history for each tenant, unit or property.
  • Manage multiple properties in one account.  We can easily view current owner balances for each General Ledger account. This is particularly helpful for owners who own multiple properties and operate from a single bank account.

When you're looking for worry-free property ownership, get the peace of mind that comes with hiring the best.  You'll  get the benefit of our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, years of experience and automation that makes your life easier.  Call us at 386-445-9911 or use the form below to send an email.

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